Awards for Young Musicians

Giving talent a chance

“If you care about music and the arts, what’s critical is

supporting children who want to go in that direction” Paul Lewis, AYM Patron

We are giving talent a chance. So can you.

Support our work to reach 1,000 musicians every year.

By creating opportunities for young people to excel

we help boost their confidence and support their aspirations

Mentoring by inspiring professional musicians

- one of the many ways we give talent a chance

Charles Hazlewood is giving talent a chance.

“AYM is amazing at seeking out those children where there’s a spark to identify, nurture and uphold it.”

Don’t let their futures melt away. Become an AYM Angel

by joining our Ambition 1000 scheme.

Giving talent a chance

Are you helping young people to excel and reach their potential?

“The best way that I can help AYM

is by doing what I do best, and that is to play the guitar!” Miloš Karadaglić, AYM Patron

Identifying talent and supporting those who find it -

another way we give talent a chance

My amazing experience at the Symphony Hall

was just so spectacular to show my skills on violin.

Congratulations to AYM’s Martin James Bartlett

and the BBC Young Musician of the Year 2014

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